We provide Substance Abuse Evaluations to persons applying to have driving privileges reinstated from past DWI.   We also provide evaluations for the Medical Review Branch of the DMV for drivers in need of an updated evaluation for continued driving privileges.   These result from past voluntary or involuntary admission to a psychiatric unit.   We provide services in the following counties:    Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland, Mecklenburg, and Cabbarus.


The Substance Abuse Professional's U.S. Department of Transportation Required Clinical Services and Documentation:

The following steps outline the general process of evaluating an employee's ability to return to a safety-sensitive position from referral to termination of care.

SAP step-by-step process

  1. The employee is referred from the employer.
  2. The SAP conducts the initial evaluation with the employee.
  3. The SAP completes the initial evaluation report.
  4. The employee is referred to a service provider wit ha copy of the assessment/treatment plan.
  5. The SAP sends the initial evaluation report to the employer.
  6. The SAP provides case management/consultation while the employee is in services with the treatment provider.
  7. The SAP conducts the final evaluation of the employee.
  8. The SAP sends the follow-up evaluation report (including the follow-up testing plan) to the employer, reminding the employer that a return-to-duty test is the initial test required prior to returning the employee to a safety-sensitive position.